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Dear Tanja and Jana, you accompanied us very professionally, reliably and incredibly warmly from the first conversation to our Big Day in Dubai. Our Wedding was wonderful, simply indescribable! Many thanks for your patience, great ideas and your wonderful work! We will definitely recommend you!

Christina & Waldemar

There is no such thing as a perfect wedding! But they did the impossible and organized the perfect wedding! We have so many unforgettable impressions. Thank you so much for the great organization of my sisters wedding. Best regards Olga - (Sister of the bride)

Natalie & Peter

Dear Tanja and Jana, you accompanied us very professionally, reliably and incredibly warmly from the first conversation to our Big Day in Dubai. Our Wedding was wonderful, simply indescribable! Many thanks for your patience, great ideas and your wonderful work! We will definitely recommend you!

Melanie & Matthias

Where should we start - we are still totally overwhelmed! Dear Jana, dear Tanya, we would like to thank you very much for the short-term and yet absolutely perfect organization of our wedding in Dubai. You exceeded our expectations. Everyone was enthusiastic about your nice and friendly manner. Great cooperation and smooth communication. You are just great!

Sandra & Nico

Dear Jana, dear Tanya, thank you again for professioanl and tasteful organization of our wedding in Dubai! The setting was perfect and the day was unforgettable!

Kitty & HP

You have our absolute trust from the first moment. You bring us and our family a wonderful day. It couldt have been more beautiful! Dubai is our dream! The organization on-site was just great. Our heartfelt thanks go to Tanya and Jana.


Anita & Marcel

Dear Tanya, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support. You gave us a unfogettable wedding throgh your creative ideas, your contacts to other service providers and also through your commitment during our wedding ceremony. The whole celebration was fantastic from A to Z, thanks to your structured schedule. Without you and your help it would not have been so perfect. Thank you again for all your efforts and your commitment!

Nadja & Marcel

thank you to your help and support, we had the most beautiful wedding day we could have wished for and imagined (after all you cant do anything for the weather.) Thanks to your contacts, you have provided us with the best service providers. We would book all of them again immediately - including you! You always stood by us with words and deeds, had wonderful ideas and did so much work for us. Without you, our wedding would certainly not have been such a success and above all we would not have approached the matter so relaxed. You were simply  the very best decision for our wedding!!! We got to know you as an incredible loving person and will miss the time with you! Best wishes for your future and hold on ... We will put o planning for the silver wedding back into your hands. It was really an unforgettable great time with you!

Tanja & Christoph

Dear Tanya!

Thanks to your tireless and discreet commitment in the monts before and on the day of or wedding, you made it possibe for us to enjoy this great day in a wonderful atmosphere with many international guests on a beautiful castle estate. For us as professionals it was a stroke of luck to have you by our side. You were very professional and at the same time like a good friend by or side - you thought of every little detail and always found an ideal solution for everything. Absolute recommendation!

Mona & Helmut

Dear Tanja,

we are still overwhelmed by the beautiful and unique moments, experience and memories that we were only able to experience so intensely through you, because you kept our backs free on our day.... thank you very much for that. It was our dream wedding an an unforgettable day - the most beautiful of our lives! You have always accepted or ideas and needs and implemented everythin according to or ideas. After our best decision to say YES to eachh other, the second best thing was to let YOU do the planning. Very professional and yet familar. We will recommend yoy wholeheartedly at any time.

Karo & Sascha

Dear Tanya,

we would like take this opportunity to say THANK YOU again for your great support, which you were always at or side with words and deeds   :))) Without you we would not have been able to even begin to plan and organize our wedding as you did it. You have done a great job, you are loving, friendly and passionate about it. You feel in good hands with you:)) We are happy to recommend you to others.

Jessica & Rene

Dear Tanya,

looking back, I can say that we couldt have mastered the preparations without a wedding planner. Right from the start you understood what we liked and how we would imagine the wedding and implemented it without you making a fuss. I appeciate your factual and calm, but at the same time authoritative manner. Your work is consistently professional and worth the money. The wedding was as close to perfect as humanly possible - that was no acccident! If I got married again, I would turn to you right way!

Astrid & Daniel

Dear Tanya,

we had so much fun planning our wedding with you. We werent always in agreement and thats why it wasnt easy for you, sorry. You were always there for us - uncomplicated and easy-going, with lots of grat ideas, recommendation and suugestions, patient and friendly. You have great locations, photographers, hotels etc. at hand, so that we were always spoiled to choice. Everything is possible with you. Thank you for your great organization on the day itself. You have the schedule, all actions and details firmly in view, we didnt have worry about anythng and were able to enjoy and celebrate our day to the full. We didnt miss anything and you were always in the right place at the riht time. So lucky we had you! 

Rebecca & Robin

Dear Tanya,

we would like to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of our hearts! You were the best wedding planner for us, evrything was perfectly planned and organized by you, more beautiful than we dreamed of. Yo made our day pefect! You were always there for us - in good and bad times:) Without you, everything would not be possible! We felt very comfortable and would be happy to recommend you. We would marry with you again and again!

Paula & Matthias

An unforgettable wedding abroad! Very professional with a lot of stylishand axtraordinary ideas, all of which were perfectly implemented. The last thingte you need as a ride and groom is stress, that has been completelyn , d taken away, this gave us the opportunity to fully enjoy OUR Day! With this help and implementation, I would get married every day :) Thank yoy for the wonderfuln day that we will never forget! Hats off!

Jeanine & Halim

An authentic, self-confident, creative, loving and best wedding planner that one could wish for ☺️ ... You accompanied us for almost a whole year, made us happy with your ideas and we had a wondderful wedding. We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts and wish you a lot of fun at the next wedding. We will definitely recommed you!

Irina & Fin

Dear Tanya,

back from the honeymoon, we woul like to thank you again veru much for your help and support, your open ear at all times, your fantastic ideas for our wedding. You are an indispensable part of our wedding celebration. You are good soul for every wedding.

Lina & Nabil

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