Wedding on a Yacht in Dubai

What do you think a wedding should look like? Registry Office-photoshoot-venue? What if we abandon the stereotypes and organize a wedding on a yacht? To demonstrate their individuality, couples are increasingly looking for new formats for organizing wedding events. Down with banality and conventional standards! One of the most extraordinary and romantic ways to celebrate the new stage of the relationship is a wedding on a yacht in Dubai.

A yacht wedding is a little different in organization from a traditional wedding banquet. Not every yacht is suitable for a wedding event. First of all, you should decide on the number of invitees to choose the size of the yacht. The smallest yacht can accommodate up to eight. Large yachts are designed for 50-60 guests, and luxury liners accommodate up to 300-400 people. There should be plenty of space on a suitable vessel. And it does not matter whether you decide to organize on the yacht a wedding ceremony for only two people, just a wedding photo shoot or a full wedding banquet. The cost of renting a yacht for a wedding depends on the number of guests and personal preferences.

In Dubai and UAE yachts of different capacity and comfort levels are available for rent - from medium class to exclusive VIP variants. A wedding on a yacht is generally cheaper than, for example, in one of the luxury hotels in Dubai.

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