Full-Service Wedding Planning

The day of your wedding is the day you should completely celebrate and enjoy. We offer various services that include Planning, arrangements and accomplishment for your wedding in Dubai. We will look for the perfect location, select the right service providers, coordinate all aspects and processes of the planning and we care for you being on your site on the wedding day itself. During the whole planning we will be the contact persons for you, for all your guests and relatives, as well as for all service providers included in the process. We have all the details in mind so you can enjoy your wedding day to the fullest without any stress or worry.

We offer our clients unlimited possibilities for your wedding day. Over the past years, we have stablished great connections with various suppliers such as, photographers, videographers, musicians, decorators, presenters, make-up artists. You won't have to think and worry about anything!

Stages of Wedding Planning with Full-Service:

  • getting acquainted, discussing the general format of the event, determining the approximate budget
  • creating a basic concept of the wedding
  • assistance in the selecting a venue for an event
  • selection of artists, show, programs, technical and sound equipment
  • design, decor and floristry of the wedding
  • wedding budget optimization and its proper allocation
  • development of the script und program of the celebration
  • development of the wedding's day timing
  • coordination on the wedding day

And most importantly you can reach us 24/7

Planned to perfection